The Pine and Oak Factory was born in Surrey, England in 2004 and today it's a premimum brand turning your ideas from concept to reality. With manufacturing facilities in UK and Europe we design, produce and install bespoke dining, bedrooms, home-office, Retail Showrooms, Kiosk and outdoor spaces.

The Pine and Oak Factory has been designing, developing and producing furniture in England since 2004. The company was founded by Khozema Patanwala and his wife Zainab Patanwala. Taking on a small shop in Woking, Surrey they started a business that slowly and organically grew to take over an iconic high street building making its main retail space. Today we deliver bespoke cabinetry in UK, Europe, UAE & India with manufacturing facilites in UK & Europe.

Khozema Patanwala

Owner of The Pine & Oak Factory who also doubles as the designer for the brand, Khozema Patanwala is the one to experiment with materials to create fantastic décors. His expertise as an art curator clubbed with the business of designing kitchens and furniture allows him to visualise spaces and effortlessly offer unique interior solutions.

Zainab Patanwala

She is the support block for Khozema.

If khozema is the brains then she is the brawn

Ensuring everything runs smoothly in the business she is our chief operating officer. From customer deliveries to ensuring quality or handling online sales and marketing, she is the one who takes care of it all.

Joiners & Fitters
Ian Pepler, Spencer Twitchen, Paul Dunningham, Ken & Karina. Peter Howard, Anestis Boulis & Adam

We have a staff of highly trained carpenters and joiners. This allows us to create customised products to your exact specifications and install them to the highest possible standard. We offer the ability to satisfy your needs, from store fitting to loft conversions, fitted kitchens, and bespoke furniture construction.

Handcrafted items are still highly appreciated in the construction sector, despite mass production and rising automation. Most of our work comes through customer recommendations. By using traditional joinery methods, we can offer a bespoke service, unavailable from larger wood manufacturers.


We have a fully equipped, purpose-built workshop where we can create a wide range of specialty joinery. All of our work is completed under one roof, allowing us to maintain complete control over your project and ensure that your customised furniture is delivered on time. We welcome both residential and business inquiries, and if you ever want to come in and see how your project is progressing, we will be pleased to show you around. We are always researching new technologies and making every effort to equip our workshop with the most up-to-date equipment available. Our quality control and product testing are unrivalled in the industry.



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